The Vicari family’s passion for wine goes back a long way, to when grandfathers, Giuliano and Antonio grew their wines in the countryside of Monterotondo, taking it to nearby Rome by cart.

It is these memories of Nonno Giuliano and Nonno Antonio, passed down to their grandchildren in the countless tales of those magical years, that led to the founding of “Le Cantine di Figaro”, a business that, as well as making wine, wants to represent a return to the past, inspired by the rolling country hills, by a time when life was quieter and less stressful, to when values were the linchpin of every lifestyle.

And these are the values that are the cornerstone of a winegrowing company founded to make wines with a wholesome flavour that will take you on an enchanted journey through the countryside, where the scents of the vineyards are poetic and the surrounding views will take your breath away.

Oenologist: Luigi Costantini, Matteo Lucciarini de Vincenzi

Agronomists: Pietro Zeppilli


Faith in the need and ability to improve continuously is what drives the company in its commitment to excellence . This is expressed in an authentic lifestyle, work methods and a definite promise to all those wishing to savour the wines from “Cantine di Figaro”..